1. Lease Details

The boat is in perfect condition and with the necessary equipment and accessories for navigation, as well as its documentation and insurance policy in order.

2. Damages, defects and losses produced during the lease

The Lessee will be responsible for any damage, damage or loss they may cause during the rental of the boat, and must pay the necessary amount to cover them. The landlord may refuse the partial or total return of the deposit to cover said expenses.

3. Skipper authority, passenger behavior and leasing.

A. At all times the lessee and the other passengers will be subject in their behavior to the security measures and guidelines on the use of the boat and its facilities that the skipper transfers to them.
b. Likewise, the lessee and the other passengers are obliged to give correct use to the boat and its facilities, respecting the rules of use thereof, as well as those of a peaceful coexistence on board.
c. In no case may the lessee or other passengers carry out any annoying, unhealthy or contrary to law or public order activity on board. The lessor can terminate the contract due to these reasons.

4. Landlord and employer liability

The lessor will not be responsible for the loss, misplacement or damage of the luggage, belongings or belongings of the lessee or the other passengers, nor for bodily harm, sequelae, illness or death that the lessee or any of the passengers may suffer during present the contract.

5. Maximum number of passengers

The total number of passengers may NOT exceed that indicated in the navigability certificate according to the navigation area and pets are prohibited on board.

6. Skipper of the boat

The lessee formally ensures that he has the knowledge, experience and minimum qualifications necessary for the government of the boat on the projected route.

7. Basic navigation instructions and responsibility of the lessee

Respect the colonies of Posidonia oceanica at the time of anchoring, that is, always anchoring on a sandy bottom. The client will be responsible for any penalty or economic fine that may arise for anchoring in areas of Posidonia.

8. Cancellation of the reservation

To make a cancellation, Users must inform Holiboats in advance in writing.

8.1. Due to a case of Force Majeure
In the event of circumstances typical of a case of force majeure within the meaning of article 11, any User may request (i) to postpone the reservation to a later date or (ii) cancel the reservation, after having justified said circumstances in writing to Holiboats within a maximum period of 12 hours after the Delivery date.
In case of cancellation due to a special weather forecast that prevents going out to sea, Holiboats will offer you an alternative date that suits both parties or, it will refund the Lessee within fifteen (15) days the amount of the reservation. Cloudy or rainy day is not a reason for cancellation, only if the sea is not suitable for sailing.

8.2. Due to Owner
The Owner cannot request the cancellation of the Rental and / or Co-Sailing that he has accepted, except in case of force majeure. In the event that for serious personal reasons, the Owner cancels a reservation, the amount previously paid will be immediately refunded.

However, if the cancellation of the reservation by the Owner is due to the inability of the Renter to justify his titles or qualifications mentioned in his aquatic CV, this cancellation will be considered justified. The Lessee may not demand in any case the reimbursement of the amount of the Lessee Price. On the other hand, the owner can cancel the reservation if the lessee presents offensive behaviors that could put the boat at risk.

8.3. Due to the Tenant
The Tenant can cancel the reservation obtaining a refund of up to 60% up to 30 days before arrival, management and service expenses not included.

8.4. Refund

The refund will be made by the same method in which it was paid or by bank transfer.

9. Rental payment terms

The total or partial payment of the Tenant Price by the Tenant is made in each reservation, in advance, by bank card on the Website when the Owner accepts the Reservation Request. As an exception, and subject to the express agreement of Holiboats, the userYou can pay by bank transfer. Payment of the Lessee Price by the Lessee can be made in one go or by paying 20% at the time of booking and the remaining amount at the port.

10. Bail

The deposit will be made at the port by card or cash. The deposit will be returned after having reviewed the boat within a period of 24 hours.